The A-B-C’s of Love

Posted on Monday, January 25th, 2010 at 1:55 am

Alter Egos from The ABCs of Love


The ABC’s of Love is a melodrama in three acts. First, a participant is asked to take part in the “Alter Ego Workshop,” where they must construct a peg-doll avatar of (at least) one of their typically suppressed characteristics or personality traits. This activity assumes that we all have hidden personalities within ourselves, and potentially quite a lot of them! The “Altar Ego Workshop” is a first step toward getting to know these diverse selves.

Next, the participant submits their “Alter Ego” to a series of theatrical improvisations based on the interrelationships of three characters. Love, compassion, repulsion, depression, and some of their attendant difficulties are explored by demanding that the participant adopt and adapt to a revolving door of multiple minds.

Performative Lecture:

“Improvising Consciousness,” by Professor Jennifer Årnstay

Interactive Workshops:

Davian Bead Game


The Voice

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