WoyUbu Documentation

Posted on Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 at 7:59 pm

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This performance and interactive installation invites audiences to watch or play as we upload Georg Buchner’s prescient unfinished crime drama (begun in 1836), Woyzeck, and Alfred Jarry’s perverse 1896 fantasy, Ubu Roi, to the digital world using virtual reality, performing robots, and surveillance technology. Mash them together, and you have WoyUbu, a play performed in separate but adjoining spaces, mediated through projections and video feeds. Individual audience members have a choice: either to watch Woyzeck‘s crime drama as it plays out in live action and projection, while having little say in the events. Or, to venture to the other side of the wall, the interactive digital dream realm of Ubu, where green screen composites, video game controls and low-resolution surveillance cameras send feedback to and from Woyzeck‘s grim reality.

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