The Intermedia Performance Studio (IPS) is a collaborative initiative housed at the University at Buffalo/State University of New York (UB) including researchers, scientists, and artists from the departments of Media Study, Theatre & Dance, and Computer Science and Engineering. The IPS was designed to create intermedia experiments in virtual and mixed reality, digital technology, computer science and live performance.

We are particularly interested in exploring how digital technology and virtual environments can affect interpersonal dynamics (i.e., individual interactions with virtual actors and intelligent agents), as well as the communal relationships that are traditionally a part of live performance. The studio aims to make low-cost virtual reality systems available to local performers and audiences, while also developing new tools to expand the studio as a flexible and dynamic testing ground for the development of new creative projects, equipment, and interfaces.

Our main 2010 project is play/share beyond/in, an interactive game played between the real streets of Buffalo and a fantastic alternate history city using mobile phones, installations, and social web media. Game Day 1 was July 31st during the Buffalo Infringement Festival, and the fun continues online during September. The grand finale will take place Sunday, October 3rd, in conjunction with the Beyond/In Western New York exhibition.

Our most recent dramatic production was WoyUbu: Watch or Play (2009). Created in collaboration with the Real Dream Cabaret, WoyUbu premiere in a rented gallery space in Buffalo @ 1716 Main Street. The performance included live actors, robot, virtual reality, game, puppet, live streaming video, original video games, and audience participation. This project appeared at the Ingenuity Festival of Art + Technology in Cleveland, Ohio fro July 10-12, 2009.