WoyUbu Scene 1

Posted on Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 at 4:53 pm

The Theatre is divided into two sides by a central wall. Scenes from WOYZEK are performed on one side. Scenes from UBU ROI are performed on the other. Each audience member can choose which side to watch. Audiences hear the sound from both sides.

The WOYZEK side is very empty, clean, white. The only objects on the stage are a bench which can be moved, and some fixed wooden steps leading to a window on the back wall. The audience is seated in conventional tiered rows. Large projections are thrown onto the two side walls. The minimally animated projections stage right are scenery for the WOYZECK scenes. The projections stage left show the UBU scenes. In the WOYZECK scenes only WOYZECK and MARIE appear on stage. All other characters are played by MARIE or by actors projected from the UBU side. WOYZECK experiences the UBU scenes as taunting hallucinations – UBU soldiers tempting Marie away from him, a CARNIVAL BARKER mocking him.